does not fear joy, excess or purging it does not relax but it expands
What we do is what we say and viceversa

BARRO is an ancient theme, primordial beats from the bottom of the hole runs now through our veins

BARRO is not ironic or mimic is not interesting rather it unfolds, as a revulsive landscape, a climate, an atmosphere as a Collective Body


What is it about?
The play can be read from different perspectivas. It is an atmospheric, symbolic, and dramatic device.
Atmosphere is what we investigate. Symbols are keys for active spectators.
The dramatic line is the one in which the viewer can find a fixed ground. This is where the drama lies, where intrigue can be found.
What’s the theme?
Envy among siblings? Yes, that could be the theme. Masks comino off and meeting what’s essential? Yes, that could be the theme. Childhood as primordial homecountry? Yes, that could be the theme.
We can watch the play perceiving one of othe lines or the three of them. This is our inside proposition.
J.J. Arhancet, script writing teacher at the National Cinema Institute: “Hey, you came up with a metaphysical detective story”.